Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slow Swatching: Picture Polish Monroe

Hi guys! Remember us? Well, me? This is Lisl (in case y'all haven't learned to tell us apart by hand-shape yes).  So we've been absent from the blog recently, perhaps you have heard of this thing called "life;" it happened to us in a major way and we just got too busy to edit pictures and do the typey thing where coherent sentences come out of your fingers.

Anyway we're back!  For my first post back, here is a manicure I did ages ago, and never posted: slow swatching Picture Polish Monroe.

Slow swatching is the term I came up for to describe the act of swatching one polish at a time, perhaps with added nail art if desired!  I don't care for regular speed swatching, because it often involves painting a color on your nails, loving it, and then immediately taking it off and painting on another color so you can get many manicures done in one night.  I prefer to savor my manicures, letting them settle in and age for several days before switching them out for a new one. 

So anyway, this is Picture Polish Monroe!  Arden got me this polish for my birthday (which was in July, which should give you an idea of how long I have been sitting on this manicure).  I did not take any pictures before I stamped over it with Essie Good as Gold (unconscionable, I know). Isn't it lovely? A beautiful deep red with holo glitter for days.  I just love it.  I stamped with Bundle Monster BM 310.  

PS I am terrrrrrible at stamping, but these nails are from back when I was extra terrible at stamping.

This was my first Picture Polish and I pretty much love it.  Any other recommendations for shades we should try? Let us know in the comments!


  1. The whole thing, the polish and stamping is perfection!!!! I love love this combo!

  2. Amazing, you were nominated for the Liebster Award at