About Us

Lisl:  I'm a scientist and a bit of a spazz.  I wore a lot nail polish in middle school, then took about a 10 year long break.  On a whim, I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen at a Rite Aid, then the Internet taught me about nail art. This was the beginning of a long and beautiful journey filled with glitter, makeshift dotting tools, and a lot of acetone.  I just can't stop painting my nails.  

Arden: I'm a children's minister and an avid recreational hula hooper (no, really).  I vividly remember receiving my first two bottles of nail polish in my Christmas stocking from my grandmother in the 5th grade.  One was a frosty blue, the other an emerald green.  Ever since, I've always been known among my friends as the girl with the biggest nail polish collection.  Now that collection has finally come in handy!

Arden and Lisl: We met 3 (3?) years ago through Arden's boyfriend Biff, back when we lived on different sides of the country.  Now we live in the same apartment and share our love, and bottles, of nail polish.