Wednesday, November 27, 2013

33DC: One Manicure Three Patterns/Slow Swatching: Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean

Hi Y'all It's Lisl! I'm playing maaajor catch-up with the 33 Day Challenge right now, I think this is last Friday's challenge prompt? Anyway, here it is!  The prompt was "three patterns."  Obviously, in the picture above I have not shown my three patterns yet, but just you wait! It is coming.

I first wanted to slow-swatch (my special word for when I very lazily swatch one polish at a time) of Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, which Arden got me for my birthday like a million months ago!  Oh my goodness, guys, it is just amazing.

It's like this blue-green shimmer wonderfulness that, here, I layered over Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Black Out, but you can layer it over anything! Arden layered it over dark blue and it was so, so great. I couldn't get all the beautiful facets of the color to come through. Sometimes it is super green and it looks like the parts of space where bad guys live, sometimes it is blue-green and it looks like dragon scales, sometimes it is blue-blue and it looks like the sea!

So for my three patterns I chose zig-zaggy, stripey, and whatever you would call the pattern on my ring finger.  You can read more about how I did it after the jump!

So, for the zig-zaggy pointer finger, I used some nail tape pre zig-zagged that I got in Julep's Zig Zag Mystery Box.  I did the zig zags in Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold, it is great for stamping but it dries a little fast for tape manicures and you can see where it kind of pulled up on the edges in the pointer and the pinky finger. 

I used striping tape to make the patterns on my middle and pinky fingers, and finally on my ring finger I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-313. I am terrible, terrible, terrible at stamping, so it took a few tries but it finally came out ok!  I like Bold Gold for stamping cause it's opaque but on the the thinner side, plus when I messed up I can kind of scrape it off and then start again!

Lots of people did awesome three pattern manicures! You should definitely check them out below:

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