Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Color Gradient + Pattern

Arden: Today in the 33 Day Challenge, I was tasked with creating a manicure using a 3 color gradient plus a pattern.  Since I still am a total novice at stamping, I created my pattern using striping tape.

I started with a white base (Julep Nicolette) and then added strips of striping tape to make rectangles.  (If you want all the details, I started by applying two long strips on my nail from base to tip, then added three shorter strips horizontally.)

I then sponged on a gradient using one regular polish (Julep Joanna) and two liquid sand polishes (Julep sea salt finish Tracy and Zoya PixieDust Liberty).  After sponging on the gradient on the first nail, I immediate removed the tape before moving on to the next nail.

For accent nails, on my thumb and ring finger I painted each taped-off square/rectangle with one of the three polishes.

Since I was using texture coat polishes, I did not add a top coat at the end (though you certainly could if you wanted to!).

I think these turned out pretty well, though if I were to do them again I might sponge on another coat on the gradient nails-- they look a lot lighter than the accent nails since the texture polish wasn't as densely applied.  But oh well!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments and check out all the other entries in today's challenge below!

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