Wednesday, November 6, 2013

33DC - Wave Nails (A Pattern From My Wardrobe)

Hey y'all! It's Lisl!  Today's 33DC prompt was "a pattern from your closet."  I chose to base it off the white stripe in that dress I'm wearing up there!

The manicure was pretty simple.  I used Julep Nicollete as a white base, straying from my usual mainstay of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (because Nicollete was out on our coffee table and Xtreme Wear was not).

To make the stripes, I marked out the areas using striping tape and used a dotting tool to fill in the gap.  

Then, I used a striping brush to freehand the waves!  Not very complicated.  (Though they did get a little streaky with top coat. Sadface.)

Lots of people have cool wardrobes and cool nails as well. Check them out below!

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