Saturday, July 20, 2013

Green Worm Nails

Arden: Ok, this manicure is going to require some explanation.  You see, today is my boyfriend Biff's birthday.  (Happy birthday, Biff!)  To celebrate, I wanted to paint my nails with something to honor him.  Biff is a geneticist who works with little bitty microscopic worms all day.  Sometimes, he makes them glow green.  This leads to awesome pictures, like these:

I got this one put on a mug for Biff for his birthday last year.
So, to honor Biff's work, today I am rocking green worm nails!  My method for creating them was basically the same as my colorful feathery nails from a couple weeks ago, except with these I tried to make them more wavy so they could better resemble worms.  (You may remember that that manicure was inspired by a post by the Nailasaurus.  She's now posted a tutorial on how to do her striped nails that's really helpful if you're looking to try these out yourself!)

I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Black Out.  I then dipped one of the striping brushes from our MASH nail art set into three different shades of green, and painted on wavy wormy lines starting at the base of my nail.

Colors used:
Sinful Colors Rise 'n Shine
Essie Navigate Her
Julep Korin

For the finishing touches, I went over each line with the striping brush using Revlon Snowflurries to add some sparkle (and give the appearance of glow in the dark-ness.  I wish I owned a glow in the dark green!)

Now, I realize that this pattern really only bears a small resemblance to worms and actually looks a whole lot more like seaweed or some other oceanic vegetation, but oh well!  For today, they're green worms.  (And I will undoubtedly repeat this design some time and add some fish to it.  Something to look forward to!)

So here's to you, Biff.  Happy birthday!