Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches: Liberty, Chyna and Miranda

Hey guys, it's Lisl! So around July 4th when I was in New Orleans, avid blog reader and my BFF Sherbear (not her birth name) sent me a link to an awesome deal that Zoya was having! Get Zoya Liberty and get two colors free! I immediately got in touch with Arden and we spent the rest of the afternoon agonizing over which other colors to get.  We finally settled on Chyna and Miranda, and now y'all get to read all about our new adventures with Pixie Dusts!

So Liberty is a blue, blue, blue. It reminds me of Cerulean, the Crayola crayon color, my favorite Crayola crayon color, but sparkly, so sparkly.  It is just beautiful.  Super intense, I'm showing it here with two coats.

I have to say, when textured polishes first started becoming a thing, I was super skeptical, but after wearing Liberty for a week (it lasted a couple days without chipping), I am totally sold.  Arden and I also played around with using Liberty for some nail art, which worked surprisingly well, and which you can see here and here.  

I also topcoated all the swatches, so you can see what they look like with the texture effect gone.

And oh my god guys, OK so I feel like, I mean the point of these is texture texture right? But look how beautiful it is top-coated. So much sparkle! Extra dimensions. I just love it. Love love love. If you told me I could only wear this on my fingers forever I'd probably be ok with that.

Guhhhhhh.  It is like you are in an ocean of sparkle.  Seriously guys, these make me lose the power of speech.

Ok so with two coats of top coat (what you need to really cover up the textured-y-ness, and actually when it's completely dry, which it isn't here, you still have some bumpiness) it gets a little thick up on your nail, but it's worth it. I promise you guys it's worth it.  Next up, Chyna.

Chyna was the non-Liberty color that I chose, because you can never ever have enough sparkle-reds.  Kind of like how you can never have enough mint greens.  I also used 2 coats for these swatches.

The sparkles in Chyna, match the base color a lot more than Liberty i.e. they are reddish rather than silvery-sparkly.  I think they look super cool like that! Application for all of these, by the way, was super easy.  Removal.. well it's a lot like a glitter polish (unsuprisingly).

I think the actual color was a lot more vivid-red, than what we're seeing here.  When you get these into the sunlight they sparkle like crazy. Still, beautiful right? Now for topcoat.

Again, so amazing!  You can see where the topcoat snagged/dragged a little bit on my middle finger, but it was the only time this happened, I didn't have that trouble with the other colors so it was probably my own darn fault.

You guys, I just love them with top coat. I can't help it. Last up is Miranda, Arden's pick!

Miranda was Arden's non-Liberty polish choice; it is pink.  Like kind of a bubblegum-y pink! It was probably the sheerest of the bunch, I used three coats for this level of coverage, though two would prrroabably be ok.

The sparkle in Miranda was a lot more like Liberty, all silvery and stuff, which I think worked really well with the pink.

It was probably my least favorite of the bunch, which isn't to say that I didn't love it, I just didn't love it as much as the super saturated fun fun bright and bold Liberty and Chyna.

Again, with top coat, the sparkle really comes out.  All of these have such depth and dimension in their sparkle. I could write sonnets about it. (I won't. You're welcome).

So these are the first textures I've had a chance to seriously play around with, and I take back everything I ever said about texture polishes. They are really fun! Plus they are easily transformable into not-texturey which comes with bonus supersparkle!  I'm excited to start running through all the textures out there. Any recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Wow the blue is INCREDIBLE! There is another code going around from Ipsy... I think it's IPSYZ3 and it's B2G1Free. I'm def going to use it to get that blue and two other fall colors, Hunter and .... the brown. Thanks for the swatches!