Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Nails are in Rhodes!

Hey y'all it's Lisl!  Posting from my phone so this will be quick and likely filled with grammatical errors.  Anyway, I'm traveling through Greece after a conference and am doing a test run on some Incoco nail appliqués that I got in a Birchbox a couple months ago.  I thought they'd be good for travel- they were quite easy to apply though I wish I had some acetone to clean up the edges. 

Anyway.  I took my nails to Lindos yesterday, where I missed the acropolis there (it closes early on Saturdays apparently), so we were forced into lying on the beach and reading a book.

Today my nails and I went SCUBA diving.  I've noticed before that soaking in salt water for 2 hours does not help a manicure's longevity and I did have some chippage (it's day 2 after application) but I'm pretty sure that issue has nothing to do with the appliqués.

Here are my nails and I sunbathing on the boat!

Anyway, tomorrow I will wander around Rhodes properly and then off to Athens!  I'll be reporting back soon!

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  1. I miss you Lisl! Bring your nails home soon (although I am jealous of that beach and the scuba diving...)