Friday, June 14, 2013

Nail Art Nail-Off: Fruit Nails

Interestingly enough, we have now had multiple people suggest to us that we do some fruit-inspired nail art, so today we're both trying our hands at painting fruit on our nails!

Arden:  I decided a bowl of fruit would be my inspiration.  I'd draw a different fruit on four of my nails, and then have them all in a bowl on my thumb.

I started by painting each nail a lighter version of the color of fruit that was going to go on it.  (For the bowl of fruit on my thumb, I used a light blue.)  Then I went through and drew the fruit!

I used a dotting tool to make all of the grapes, and then used a couple of brushes from our new Mash nail brush set to paint on the rest of the fruit.

Here they are in detail:

I must admit, my bowl of fruit looks a bit more like a basket than a bowl.  I had a lot of trouble making a bowl shape, so it ultimately ended up looking more like a large boat before I dotted on some tan dots to emulate the look of a weaved basket.

Yep, that's right, I pulled out an actual fruit to use as a prop.
The hardest fruit to draw was the banana-- everything else actually looked like a fruit, but when I started with the banana it just looked like a crescent moon.  To help it look more banana-like, I ended up outlining it with a lighter yellow.  It made it look more messy up close, but from afar it actually looked like a banana.

I used a ton of colors for these nails and don't really feel like listing them all (and I suspect you don't really feel like reading them).  If you have a question about a specific color used on any of them, just ask in the comments!

And now, on to Lisl!

Hey, Lisl here!  So for my fruit nails I wanted to do some patterns of tiny fruits on every nail and decided to do DIY decals so I could get a consistent pattern-y look across each of the nails.  Here are all the colors and tools I used for the manicure (like Arden, I'm not going to list them all but let me know if you want to know any names!)

So, above you can see the brushes I used and the patterns I made that are going to become the decals.  As usual, I painted these the night before and let them dry overnight.  This is the first time I tried to make decals that went over my entire nail.  My first step was cutting out the decals in a nail-ish shape and applying them to the nail.

These were so sticky!!! If you messed up you could not peel it off, you had to take the whole thing off with polish remover. So, if you try this at home. Don't mess up!  The next step was trimming the tips and then filing off the excess.  When I was done it looked something like this:

Finally, I cleaned off the edges with acetone and top-coated the whole deal with Essie Good to Go.

I really enjoyed these!  If you check close up I have a little bit of unevenness and bubbling from bad decal applying.  I don't know if this is just something you deal with DIY decals, or if I could just, you know, do better.

So if you all were instructed to put fruit on your nails, what would your move be? Let us know in the comments!

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