Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nail polish swatches: Lush Lacquer neon polishes

Arden: A couple of weeks ago, Lush Lacquer was having a sale and we bought four mini bottles of their polish, three neons and another glitter.  They are so unique!  I love their neon pieces of glitter.

But before we get to the polish, let me just stop and tell you about the great customer service we received from Lush Lacquer.  After we Gchatted for over an hour about which polishes we wanted to buy, Lisl asked me to place our order.  As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE. Cause I'm always doing things like referring to our blog as "Casa de Nails." (Or, y'know, setting up our Facebook account under that name.)

But in this case, what I did was set up our order, hit "send," and then in the next instant realize I forgot to use their coupon code.  I messaged Lush Lacquer asking if they could cancel my order so I could re-submit it with the code, and they responded within an hour telling me there was no reason to re-submit, they'd go ahead and apply the code and send me a refund.  How great is that?

And now, onto the polish!

This is Neon Lights.  It is a white jelly base with flecks of pink, orange, green, and yellow neon glitter.  It might be my favorite.  I LOVE the bright neon glitters in this polish.

The application of this polish was like a dream.  Seriously, the best glitter nail polish I have ever used.  I started off using the dabble method, then realized it was completely unnecessary!  You can brush it on like any other polish and you still get an even distribution of glitter flecks.

For all of these pictures, I used 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then two coats of Lush Lacquer Neon Lights.  (The second coat probably wasn't even that necessary-- I feel like my ring finger probably got a bit too much glitter on it.)

And here is Clowning Around.  It is a clear nail polish base with flecks of yellow, blue, orange, pink, and purple hexagonal glitter.

We decided on this one rather than any of their other neon polishes because we felt like you could put it over any color and instantly transform it into a fun, neon glitter polish.

For this manicure, I started by painting my nails with all different bright nail polishes.

Colors used (thumb to pinky):
Sinful Colors Boom Boom (3 coats, dries glossy)
OPI Did it On 'Em (2 coats, dries glossy)
Sinful Colors Dream On (3 coats, dries matte)
Sinful Colors Rise and Shine (3 coats, dries matte)
Sinful Colors Big Daddy (3 coats, dries glossy)

Then I applied one coat of Clowning Around on top!

My initial thought was, "I'll paint my nails neon colors and then put the neon polish over them!" Unfortunately, as you can tell, it was pretty hard to see all the glitter over most of these colors.  The light yellowish green was really the only one that worked halfway decent.  If you get Clowning Around, I recommend painting it over very light colors, so you can get the full effect of the neon glitter.

Lisl interjection: I tried on clowning around over white and I loved it.   You can really see all the neon glitters against light colors.  I bet it would also go great over pastels!

I did one coat over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out, except for on the ring finger where I used two coats (I wanted to get one of those big fatty hex glitters on)!  The application was like magic.  I seriously love this nail polish.  

Ok: back to Arden. And now, here's Lush Lacquer Snow Globe.

This glitter polish is also amazing.  It is a clear polish base with teeny-tiny white glitter polish; blue, pink, yellow, orange, and red hexagonal glitter flecks, and larger square pink and purple glitter pieces.  These pictures are one coat of Snow Globe over two coats of Milani Black Magic.

This glitter polish also applied like a dream-- I just brushed it on like it was any other kind of polish!  I'll also say that one thing I loved about this Lush Lacquer polish was how the glitter flecks didn't get eaten up by the base color.  Has this ever happened to you?  I've used a couple glitter polishes now where it seems like the glitter flecks sink into the base color, so that only part of them is visible.  I didn't feel like that happened at all with our Lush Lacquer polishes!

Lisl again! (And you thought you got rid of me).  The last polish we have to show you is Haywire.

Gaahhhhhh.  I love this nail polish so much.  It's a white creme with oh-so-many kinds of glitter nail polish in it.  Giant neon hexes, little neon hexes, tiny purple hexes, and the bars!  I don't usually like bars, but these aren't overwhelming and they add a lot of interest!

So I had some issues with some of the glitters not lying super flat against my nail, but I'm pretty sure that is an issue of getting a little greedy with the glitter.  I used three coats of this, thought it reaches pretty close to opacity in two coats.  I think the glitter kind of sitting on top of each other by the third coat led to the unevenness.  Adding a second coat of top coat probably wouldn't hurt either!

Love it! I just love it. I love it.  I love it. (Seriously guys, I love it).  Ok I'll stop gushing and hand it over to Arden for the final word.

Arden: Great customer service, easy to apply polish, unique colors.... what more do you need?  Head on over to Lush Lacquer's Etsy page and order some for yourself!

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  1. This is such a pretty polish. I'm still having a 'moment' with the white creme and neon glitter polishes! I'm not a fan of the bar glitter either, nice that these are smaller. Think I've seen them even tinier than that! I might have to get this, I just broke my bottle of Oh Splat today. :(