Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As Seen on Pinterest: Half Stripes

Arden: I pinned this a few weeks ago, and finally just got the chance to try it!

Pic from As always, if you know its original creator, please let me know!
I REALLY liked the original color combination, but A) I didn't want to directly copy this design, and B) I paint my nails white A LOT for various nail art designs so I wanted to do something different!

Instead of white and light blue, I decided to move everything down a shade and do light blue and dark blue.  For my light blue, I used my new Essie Bikini So Teeny. 
Not sure how I didn't notice that hair on my nails when I took all these pictures....

Aside: In the bottle, Bikini So Teeny looks like it has a little bit of shimmer (see photo below).  But on the nail, you really can't see the shimmer at all. 

To make this design, I placed a piece of tape diagonally across each nail.  I then cut small strips of tape up and placed them vertically on the tips of my nails.  (My original plan was to use striping tape, but I decided I wanted wider stripes than that.)

I painted the exposed areas Essie Midnight Cami...

... and then immediately used tweezers to slowly remove the small strips of tape.

Finished result!  Voila!

I really liked these diagonal half stripes, and considered stopping here, but we do have a Color Club silver striper polish, so I decided I might as well use it!

What do you think?  Do you like it better with the silver stripe or not?  Let us know in the comments! 

Also, if you have a nail design you've seen on Pinterest you'd like me to try out and blog about, post it in the comments or email it to us at casadepolish [at]!  I'm always looking for new Pinterest ideas!

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  1. love the silver stripe! definitely finishes off the look!