Saturday, April 27, 2013

NOTD: Diagonal Stripes and Dots!

Arden here: I've got a quick Nail of the Day for you!  With this design, I wanted to experiment with both solid color blocks and dots.  While it probably isn't my best-executed nail design, I think in the future something similar would look really cool!

I started by painting my nails Essie Maximillian Strasse Her.  This is part of the Essie 2013 spring collection, and when I first got it in the store, I thought it was a greyish light green (especially compared to the other colors in the collection).  But on my nails, it looks MUCH more bluish gray (maybe with a little bit of a greenish hue?).  Something to know if you're considering getting it!

I then taped off my nails and painted a triangle section Essie Peach Daiquiri.  (My pointer finger is not painted because even though I had painted my nails Maximillian Strasse Her THE NIGHT BEFORE, I still ended up pulling up some of the paint w/ my tape and had to repaint that one.)

Next, I used Essie Good as Gold to make dots in lines perpendicular to the pink color blocks.  Had I been patient, I would've waited for my nails to completely dry and then taped off that section to help me make straight lines of dots.  Instead, I freehanded it, which looked ok on some nails (*cough cough* my ring finger), and not so great on others (ahem, my middle finger).  And to finish the design, I made my pointer finger an accent nail by dotting it up.  In retrospect, I wish I'd left the pink dots off that finger-- it looked a lot better when it was just grey and gold.

I definitely think this a cool effect, and I look forward to trying it again in the future!  Has anyone else experimented with dots and solid color blocks together?

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