Saturday, October 19, 2013

33DC 3D Nail Cupcake Nails

Hey y'all! It's Lisl! So this post was supposed to go up Wednesday (some challenge do-er I am), but life things have happened so here it is now! Today! Saturday!  Wednesday's prompt was 3D nails, which I was really excited about because my BFF Sherbear sent me these awesome 3D nail art doohickeys (I think that is the official term) from Born Pretty Store.

The 3D Nail stickers came in this nice lil' wheel, so many options to choose from!  I chose the cupcake because I wanted to do cupcake nails for a while (hard choice though guys, really hard choice).

To make the cupcakes, I started out by painting my tips with Nails Inc Westbourne Grove from their Neon and Nudes collection (I got this set on sale at Sephora a while ago, and tried to review it but my camera flat out refused to take pictures of the neon polishes that looked anything close to the actual color that they are).

I added the stripes using my Color Club Art Club striper polish in black, then dotted the frosting on using nails (the kind you hammer into the wall) dipped in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening.  Last, I made the little heart at the top with a small dotting tool and Essie Geranium

I did the "sprinkles" (yeah, those are supposed to look like sprinkles) with a small detailing brush from my MASH nail art brush set, over a background of White On. Then, the cupcake!  That was actually super easy, I dropped a dot of Kiss nail glue onto the top of my nail and then pressed the cupcake on.  (I also added a drop of Geranium on the nubbin at the top so it would match the rest of my nails).  The cupcake has now stayed on for two days, with no sign of falling off.  I'm super excited about it, plus it wasn't as annoying to have on my hand as I thought it would be.

Have any of y'all played around with 3D nail art? Let us know in the comments! Plus, check out everyone else's super cool designs.

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