Thursday, October 31, 2013

33DC - Citrus Nails (My Favorite Brand: Butter London)

Hey y'all! It's Lisl. This is a day late, but today/Wednesday's theme for the 33 Day Challenge is your favorite brand!  I happen to love Butter London.  I have had really excellent customer service experiences with them, plus their polishes are uh-may-zing.

I got Squatter, swatched above, for my birthday from my best cousin (a best cousin is someone who is a best friend and also your cousin!).  It's great. Super lime. Super green.  Just an amazing color all around.  Since it was lime, I decided to do a little citrus theme artwork to go with the swatch!

  I started out by taping out circles with some hole punch reinforcers.

I painted the circles using Essie Fear or Desire. These circles will become oranges. 

I used white acrylic paint to paint the orange pithy line things. You know, the things that make an orange circle into an orange.

Seriously though guys, Butter London. I know their polishes are a little pricey, but they are good people. I spoke to them on the phone and enjoyed the experience!  P.S. I am not the only person who has a favorite brand. Check out all the other 33DC-ers below.

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