Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mexican Desert Nails

Arden: Hey everybody!  Today's prompt in the 33 Day Challenge is "Mexican nails."  Not gonna lie-- I have no idea what that's supposed to refer to.  I didn't want to portray any stereotypes, so I decided to do something pretty safe: a desert sunset landscape.  The inspiration for these nails came from this paper mosaic I made a couple years ago and now hangs on my wall:

To create these nails, I started with a base coat, then painted on one coat of white polish (Sally Hansen White On).  Then, starting at the base of my nail, I took a nail art brush and painted on strokes of the navy polish.  I repeated this method for the purple, pink, yellow, and gold polish.  Finally, I took a striping brush and painted on the ground and the cacti.  (And then added a top coat of Essie Good to Go.  Can't forget that top coat!)

Colors used in the sunset:
Julep Lacey
Zoya Mira
CoverGirl Boundless Color Fuschia Girl
Zoya Creamy
Essie Good as Gold

The edges of these were a little messier than I would've liked, but overall I think they turned out pretty good.  If I were to do it again, the only change I'd make would be not to paint a cactus on each nail-- maybe just the pointer and ring finger.

As always, be sure to check out all of the other great nail art designs below!


  1. well done - like the addition of the gold foil to this...and thanks for not trying to pull in any stereotypes...I sort of thought that right off when I read the day's challenge name...I think maybe it needed to say something like honor Mexican heritage or give a bit more clarity like just adding Mexican design influenced - something...job well done!

  2. I love this design! I specially like the inspiration image, and I wonder what this would look like if done with a tiny dottin tool, to imitate the little squares :)

  3. This is cute. I still like the cactus on each nail.