Tuesday, October 1, 2013

33DC Tribal Nails

Hey Y'all!  It's Lisl! A lil' late on first my 33 Day Challenge manicure for the week, but here it is! It is done!  So today's theme was tribal, and since I didn't feel super comfortable picking out an arbitrary pattern to call "tribal." I went to the wikipedia page for tribe to look for a little inspiration.  (Very sophisticated research techniques, I know).  Wikipedia says that a tribe is: "a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states."  So I decided to do a manicure based on my local social group, which I'm pretty sure exists outside of states.  I think? 

Anyway, I did a separate nail for four of my close/local girlfriends on a background of OPI Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Plus, on my thumb I made a lil' BFF heart.

I painted all the little designs using acrylic paints I got from Born Pretty Store.  I mixed all of the colors myself (except for white, because that would be impossible). I think I'm getting better at free handing with acrylic paints!

On my index finger I have stickleback fish bones for Kathy, who studies sticklebacks! I thought about doing a New England Patriots nail for her, since she also loves the Patriots, but the idea of having anything representing that terrible terrible team on my hand was too abhorrent. 

On my middle finger, I painted my friend Steph's awesome snake Henry.  Henry is just one of Steph's rather enormous collection of pets.  She also has a cockroach named Vlad, a cat named Daphne, frogs named Claude and Jean-Frog, and some fish.  I think the only thing she's missing is a bird.

For Arden, who in addition to being an excellent nail polish artist, is the best hula hooper I have ever seen, I did a stack of hula hoops.  Those don't really translate so well unless I tell you what they are. So that's what those little circles are.   Finally, my pink is a glass of pink wine, for Shai, because there is pretty much nothing better than grabbing a burrito with her and chilling on her couch with some pink wine.  

I was really happy with how these turned out! I feel like it's a charm bracelet on my fingers.   Lots of other people did awesome designs too! You should check them out below. 


  1. Thanks! I like them too! (Even though I think if you asked someone to guess what they were no one would guess hula hoops)