Friday, October 4, 2013

33DC Texture Nails

Hey Y'all!!  Today in the 33DC we are doing a texture nails!  I have been playing around with using striping tape to do geometric-y hearts for a while, and I thought I'd test it out with some texture polishes.

I decided to play around with two different textured-y styles of polish.  As a base, I used Julep's Matte Suede Finish polishes in Nora and Brit.  I really like this kind of matte finish with the sparkly and stuff. I used two thick coats; this suede is like a lot of matte polishes, it dries really quickly so the first coat is often a little streaky, but I've found that subsequent coats always even it out.

To make the hearts, I used striping tapes to tape out a box with some points in the top and bottom (if that makes sense; it seems like it makes no sense).  

Anyway, I made heart shapes, then used a small nail art brush to fill in the center of the heart.  I used Zoya's Chyna and Miranda, from their pixie dust collection.

So I didn't absolutely love them, I think the hearts on my center and ring finger are weirdly long and clumpy but oh well.

Lot's of people have also done amazing texture polishes.  Check them out below!

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