Tuesday, October 15, 2013

33DC Flowers - One Stroke Roses!

Hey y'all! Todays, well technically yesterdays, prompt for 33DC was flowers, so I decided to give one stroke flowers another try.  This time, I followed a tutorial on how to make "spiral roses."  So mine do not look nearly as cool as the ones in the video, but it's only my second time doing one stroke ever, so I'm cutting myself a lil' slack.

I started out with a base of Zoya Aurora, one of my all time favorite polishes.   For the roses I used the acrylic paints I got from Born Pretty Store.

As with the other one stroke flowers, you start by loading one edge of a flat or angled brush with a color acrylic and the other with white, then you blend by painting a one or two strokes on a piece of paper.

To make the roses, I started by painting three petals, one real huge and the other kinda small and on the edges.  Then I painted some smaller internal nesting petals.

The final layers of petals involve a lil' spiral twisty.  Then, I outlined the edges in white with a small striper brush.

Check out all the other floral designs everyone else did! They are super killer.


  1. Your one stroke is just perfect!

  2. A-Mazing job. These are so beautiful! I must try this :)

  3. Es una manicura preciosa preciosa, y el color de base me ha encantado. Un magnífico trabajo

    He creado El Gran Reto de la Navidad Nail Art, anímate!