Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts: May Tri-Polish Challenge Day 1

Hiya! It's Lisl.  So we are coming up on the tail end of May, which is absurd because I'm 90% sure that yesterday it was February, but whatever.  End of May means it is Tri-Polish Challenge time again, and this is great because challenges give my life structure, and I am a child and require lots of structure in order to be able to do anything.

Anyway. Challenges have RULES and the full rules for the Tri-Polish Challenge are here.  But the simple story is this:  there are three official colors for the challenge every month, I pick three polishes corresponding to those colors and create four manicures using those colors!

This month I chose OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, Butter London Blagger, and Cover Girl Non-Stop Stone.

I started with a base of Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.

Two things about this nail polish.  One: when I was cleaning off the edges of my nails it bled all over my cuticles and then stained them bright red.  So that is what is going on there. Two:  it looks CRAZY different depending on what light it is in.  I started out all "this is a lot darker than I expected," then I went into the bathroom and it suddenly turned bright red.  Here is a very janky picture of my nails in the bathroom!

I don't know why this happens.  I am not a color-ologist, but I suspect it has something to do with the magic of lights.  

So my original plan was to do a cloud manicure following Nailside's lovely tutorial.  I couldn't get the magical curves at the top so it turned out more like steps, but I still like it!  I freehanded first layer of steps using Blagger.

Then a second step layer using Non-Stop Stone.  For both of these, I just used the brush that comes with the bottle, and kind of angled it so I used the skinny edge.

I used Seche Vite in between coats and at the end, so you can see there's a little shrinkage at the tips.  

Don't forget to check out all the other manicures by Tri-Polish Challenge-ists.  They are always super spectacular and fun to flip through.