Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Can't Afford That: Valentino Ricamato Daisy Cap Sleeve Dress

'Sup, it's Lisl. Welcome back to "I Can't Afford That", my sporadically appearing feature where I paint my nails in the style of expensive clothing that I want so bad, but will never own.  Today I've got a manicure inspired by this beautiful white floral Valentino dress, which, should you have an extra 5,000 dollars lying around, is yours to buy and keep and probably spill ketchup on.  Huzzah!

This was a super easy and quick manicure, in that it only required one (ONE!) nail polish + base and top coat.  I used my Art Club Striper, though you can definitely do it with any polish and a nail art brush, or even try it out using a regular polish brush.  Y'all are super talented, I know you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

For each nail, I started with one big white flower, usually five petaled but sometimes the flowers had six petals! I really let loose on this one, just painted what my heart told me to paint.  (My heart said: "paint a flower with five or six petals").  

Then, I filled out the nail with smaller flowers that interlocked with the petals of the big flower, then more flowers that interlocked with the smaller flowers and if I had room, even more flowers.

By the by, in case you have read the title of this post and wondered what "ricamato" means, Google Translate says it means "embroidered" in Italian.  I didn't embroider my nails, though.  Because, ouch.

So there it is!  I really loved the lacy feel of this manicure.  It didn't bare so much nail as to be indecent, but also wasn't too shy to show a little skin.  Also, it went with all of my outfits.  Do any of y'all think you will be giving this a try? Let us know in the comments!


  1. This is really striking. I absolutely love it. If you don't mind I might use it as inspiration with some other colours!


  2. I absolutely don't mind if you use it as inspiration! That is totally awesome and I am super flattered. I'd can't wait to check them out!