Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts: May Tri-Polish Challenge Day 3

Hey y'all, it's Lisl. So here is my third Tri-Polish Challenge manicure for May presented without comment.

Just kidding! I have so many comments! Read on!

Before I start the commenting, here's the deal with the Tri-Polish Challenge.  It's a challenge organized by Crumpet's Nail Tarts.  The rules are simple.  Every month there are three assigned colors.  This month it's grey, blue and red and I chose the nail polishes Cover Girl Non-Stop Stone, Butter London Blagger and OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.  Now I just have to create four manicures using those three polishes!

For manicure #3 I was inspired by all the pretty rose manicures I've been seeing recently, like the ones on Polished Elegance and Nailasaurus. I started out using striping tape to make vertical stripes on each nail, with Sally Hansen White Out as a base.

Then, I used this giant paint brush I own (for reasons that are beyond me) as an enormous dotting tool to make big circles.

So far so good right?  Here is where it gets a little bit dicey.  Given the constraints of the Tri-Polish Challenge (I can only use my three chosen polishes + black/white/glitter), and my sad lack of nail art brushes (I just got some off Amazon, they arrive Thursday!), I had to use not really rosy colors plus toothpicks to try to make the rose shapes.  Aaaanndd....

I dunno guys...  it just seems like there is a lot going on here.  Maybe fewer color combinations would have saved it? Or leaving behind the stripes?  Or maybe these colors were always destined to fail. 

So here it is, actually presented with A LOT of comments. And what about y'all do you have comments?  Leave them below (how about that segue, eh? ehhh?).  Also, check out all the other manicures from the Tri-Polish Challenge! They are truly awesome.

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