Friday, May 17, 2013

I Can't Afford That: Peter Som for Anthropologie Zebra Dress

Hey guys, it's Lisl.  So a couple nights ago I was scanning Pinterest for more clothes that I can't afford, but can use as manicure inspiration.  I found this Peter Som for Anthropologie zebra print dress, which is amazing, because it is not printed with zebra stripes, but printed with ZEBRAS.  It was 12:30 AM at this point, but I could not be deterred: I would paint my nails with zebras too.  This turned out to be misguided.

I started with a base of my trusty Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out.

Then I was all "I'm going to paint a zebra on my ring finger."  

Here is essentially how it went down:

Step 1: I grabbed some Essie Butler Please and some toothpicks and squiggled a mane.  It looked pretty mane-y.  I was confident that everything was going to work out.

Step 2:  I painted some stripes along the neck, starting at the base and then drawing the toothpick up to meet the mane.  Everything is still going well.

Step 3:  I splooged on a smudge of polish for the nose region.  This is great.  This is actually looking a lot like a zebra.  I am almost there.  I am almost painting a zebra on my nails.

Step 4:  All I have left is ears, a dot for the front part of the mane, and an eye. Oh god.  It is a drunk unicorn.  I have drawn a drunk, stripey unicorn.  Sadface. :(

I also tried to emulate the actual print and draw lots of tiny zebras on my index finger.  Quoth my friend Shaila: "that looks like Andre the Giant." (I personally don't see it). Quoth Arden: "Ehhhhhhhh," which roughly translates to "that doesn't really look like a lot of small zebras to me."

Fed up with late-night zebra drawings (at this point in the story we coming up on 1:30 AM), I do a straight up zebra print on the other three nails, and I kind of love it!  I think this is the most effective zebra print I have ever done!

I've been wearing this manicure for a couple days and it's really growing on me, drunk stripey unicorn and all.  I mean, worst things have happened.  So have any of y'all attempted a late night nail art session and ended up with intoxicated mythical creatures on your nails? If so, please let us know in the comments because that is an amazing coincidence and I would really like to hear the story.

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